ExtendedActionBar will add more ActionBars.

This addon will increase the limited number of 4 ActionBars to (actually) 10 full usable ActionBars.

On the ActionBars you can put your: Skills, Emotes, Setskills, Macros, Mounts, Bagitems, teleports, pets, skins, equipment, titles, Itemshopitems and more.

Also it is compatible with the 3-class-system.

ExtendedActionBar blocks the J key that opens the battle pass, so you will have to open it from the main menu.

ExtendedActionBar means more ActionBars!


  • 4 new ActionBars
  • 20 new slots per ActionBar
  • sparkle-border for all your running buffs
  • own hotkey-system
  • Usable type of icons:
  1. teleports
  2. normal skills
  3. setskills (without limitations)
  4. macros (without limitations)
  5. all the stuff in your back bag
  6. every itemshop-items
  7. mounts and pets
  8. icons from your original action bars
  • display of the item-, skill-, setskill- and macro-cooldowns (macro-cooldown actually only detects /wait)
  • invalid-mark for not-usable items from your back bag (like highlevel-pots) (actually not working for skills)
  • Option-interface
  • Minimapbutton
  • Addonmanager integration


Feel free to use the comments section. In English language, I only offer ingame support either by whisper if I am online or by sending an ingame mail to Nelisa.

Original addon: ExtendedActionBar by Tinsus