PartyInvite-Tool v1.3

Opens an invitation via password in the desired channel. Simplifies the organization, re-invitation and kicking of the party

When you install the addon you will get a minimap button that opens a menu for setting the addon when you click on it.

You can also use the slash commands
/small 6-ppl party
/mid 12-ppl party
/big 36-ppl party


/easy to set the easy mode
/normal set the normal mode
/hard set the hard mode

If you have made settings, they will be saved and also loaded when you log in again

You have the possibility to set two checkmarks in the settings menu to get a Re-inv button and a Kick-Group button.
In the menu you can also set the:
Post interval time

the group name

the chat where to post 

the password to join the group