vActionbar 2.6.x branch

vActionbar 2.6.x branch


This addon enables saving and restoring of action bars (and the equipped Cenedrils and Set Skills) based on primary/secondary class combination, something Runewalker forgot to implement. It also enables save/restore by command for situation based, custom action bar setup, e.x. PVP action bars.


• Save/load of actionbars for Primary/Secondary class on class swap
• Command based save/restore (/abar save, /abar load)
• Saving of skills
• Saving of transport point
• Saving of partners (mount/pet)
• Saving of macros
• Saving of items in backpack
• Saving of set-skills
• Saving of links to worn gear (ex VN cape)
• Added protected slots (blindslots) (for Cenedrils skill and commmon slots)
• Fixed Bug in connection with ExtendedMacroIcons
• Fixed handling Emotes, skip Cenedrils skills
• Added functionality to save and load suit skills from plate
• Fixed 10.1.9000 bug
• Added equipslots for artefact and wings
• Adjusted Bagindexfunction because it was limited to 240 Bagslots
• Added equipslots for robot
• Added Title-Skill Page to prevent Chat errors
• Added some of Debug Functions and print commands for testing which are normally turned off
• Added ability to save the 8 skills from setskill book

Origin version in


1.) Getting Started

To save an assignment of the action bars as a set, simply switch to the desired class combo, set up the action bars as desired and then write '/abar save' as a command in the chat.

This will create a set with the class combo as the name. Then you have to leave the game without crit so that the set is really saved in the lua file.

As soon as there is a set for a class combo, it will automatically load when you switch from another class combo to it.

2.) Overview

A list of possible commands can be found with '/abar help', a list of the already saved sets with '/abar list'. The commands are:

/abar save <setname> - Save a set under the specified name. If no name is specified, the class combo will be used as the name (which will also be automatically reloaded when changing classes!)
/abar load <setname> - Load a set with a name. If no name is specified, the class combo is used as the name.
/abar list - Lists all sets
/abar delete <setname> - deletes a set from the saved sets
/abar wipe - Clears the action bars
/abar pslots - Selects the currently used 'protected slots' (Default: none)
/abar debug - toggles debug mode on and off

3.) Version information:

The 2.6.4 version works fine and 2.6.5 added saving of slot 5 to 8 of the setskills book.

Note: Class setskills are saved, except for the common setskills (which 90% of the time are lost) when loading the bars. If they are lost when you change subclass and come back, put them back and/or restart the game, but I insist, they are saved, it can be a punctual failure of that moment and it should not happen repeatedly. As an alternative you can use ExtendedActionBar that keeps all the setskills.

4.) Support
Feel free to use the comments section. In English language, I only offer ingame support either by whisper if I am online or by sending an ingame mail to Nelisa.