Vegetation Takeover

Vegetation Takeover



The Botanist has came to the hamlet, and has helped the heroes there understand the fungi of the weald more. With this, the creatures of the fungi has now been reclassified from the unkown, horrifying eldritch creatures to the vegetation of the weald. Also good thing she lent her hedge clippers to the heroes!

 This mod includes support for

  • Here Be monsters
  • Koala's Creatuer Collection
  • Home for Lost Monsters

    Do note that debug errors will happen at the start if you don't have those mods installed, as it won't be able to find the effects. That said, I've tested this mod for 20 hours without them installed and had no issues. Place this mod above those three for the retyping to take effect.

 Mod Contents

Below is a list of the contents of this mod.

  • The Crowned Tree - a new size 2 enemy that rarely shows up in the weald.
  • Fungal Bloat - Vanilla: Changed to Vegetation from Eldritch
  • Fungal Artillery - Vanilla: Changed to Vegetation from Eldritch
  • Unclean Giant - Vanilla: Changed to Vegetation from Eldritch
  • Necrotic Shroom - Vanilla: Changed to Vegetation from Eldritch
  • Fungal Deer - Changed to Vegetation from Eldritch
  • Fungal Stalker -  Changed to Vegetation from Eldritch
  • Fungal Satyr -  Changed to Vegetation from Eldritch
  • Gallows Tree - Added Vegetation
  • Nymph -  Added Vegetation

    A new uncommon trinket (limited to 1) that grants bonus damage vs vegetation.

And here is a list of monsters who are already vegetation type, if you are looking for more to add to your collection!

  • Bloodflower - Here Be Monsters: The New Shadow
  • Whipping Vine - Farmstead Plus
  • Blighted Vine - Farmstead Plus
  • Thorny Vine - Farmstead Plus
  • Crystalline Vine -  Farmstead Plus
  • The Rotten Prize -  Farmstead Plus

But wait, fungi arn't vegetation!
True as fungi are not plants. However Mycology still tends to fall under the Botany umbrella, as plants and fungi are very symbiotic with each other. With mycelium being able to form a large network between plant roots and share nutrients between them all. Also when talking about forest vegetation, fungi is generally lumped in.

So yes, fungi isn't a plant. If DD can get away with labeling a Pig demon as man, then a little stretch for fungi as vegetation with the reasons given above shouldn't be much of an issue.

Code: Moon slime
Art: Jenns
French Translation: Vix
Spanish Translation: Nuffelle
Chinese Translation: NBB
Crowned Tree: Obtained from the MLD asset pack and used since it was originally meant for the mod Ravencrest before the mod was dropped. Art by Von, Animation redone by NBB (original had lots of errors), Sounds reuse vanilla weald sounds.
Crowned tree moves: Mr. Pepper