Gau Rage Detailed Descriptions & Magna Roader Fix

Gau Rage Detailed Descriptions & Magna Roader Fix


Time to finally play as Gau

The full/extended rage description mod is now available! Thanks to @Silvris for updating Magicite to have partial TXT and CSV support, making this mod compatible with any other mod that modifies the same files (provided they make a magicite mod with partials as well). This means it is automatically compatible with the Controls Notification Removal mod. Also thanks to @muffaloman for finishing up the last 50 descriptions!


What this does:

- Provides extensive rage descriptions for every rage. Seriously everything you need to know is here. Maybe too much info.
- Fixes the Magna Roader problem. Now you'll know which Magna Roader you are selecting.
- Separate optional Alphabetical Order sort order thanks to @Landy 

If the alphabetical sorting does not work, you need to learn one more rage to make it work. Thanks to @rocket for finding this oddity with the game, and @Silvris for finding a solution.

Rage Descriptions in Battle