Near Future Spacecraft Parts

Near Future Spacecraft Parts


Recently updated with many new and revised parts

This pack is dedicated to space station/craft components. Currently it contains advanced command pods, low profile engines, service fuel tanks, new RCS blocks, landing legs and storage utility container. 

The Mk3-9 Command Pod has full RasterPropMonitor integration to run internal props and the various digital displays. 


To install, place the included GameData folder inside your Kerbal Space Program folder. If asked to overwrite files, do so.

Known Issues: 

  • There is a strange visual bug when fully zoomed out in the right window of the Mk3-9 IVA
  • IVA for the PPD-1 is very much not done

Future Plans: 

  • Finishing the IVA for the Mk3-9 Pod
  • Finishing the IVA for the PPD-24 Utility Pod