OPT Space Plane Parts V2.0

OPT Space Plane Parts V2.0



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Please follow the video if you are unfamiliar with installing mods! 

Otherwise Please read the short notice for OPT v 2.0:

OPT v2.0:::::::::: PLEASE READ ::::::::::::


Please download from their official download pages if you wish to have instruments in IVA mode.

RasterPropMonitor, by Mihara, MOARdV

ASET Prop pack, by alexustas

ASET Avionics, by alexustas

Please delete original OPT folder for new install, as some textures have changed to DDS format, leaving the original PNG format unused.


OPT Forum Page - For comments or bug report!

Looking Forward to your feed backs!

Thanks for downloading and supporting this mod!

Common Q&A:

Q: I have trouble installing this mod, missing parts, missing textures or sudden crash
A: Try following the installation section carefully, it's been tested working many times! Also try to run KSP in x64 bit.

Q: No fuel when right clicking parts in SPH/VAB!
A: Read the requirements and installation section of this post! This is most likely due to incorrect installation of Module Manager, or have multiple versions of it. Also be aware that OPT uses fuel switch, which means if you right click the part, you can select your desired fuel tank.

Q: The wing parts are very annoying to attach, could you combine them into a single piece?
A: I explained it in this post, why they must be kept separate!

Q: Help with building space planes?
A:  Basic Aircraft Design, this post provides good explanation about the basics of an aircraft design. Otherwise take a look at the pre-built crafts that's included with the download.

Q: The lifting body mess up during re-entry, causing the craft to flip!
A: check if your craft is well balanced on empty tanks first, then add fuel to the tanks near CoM. Also KSP aerodynamic model isn't exactly perfect, try keep re-entry angle less than 30 degrees. OPT parts have quite high thermal resistance, so unlike the real space shuttle, your kerbals will survive a faster re-entry.

Q: Support for FAR?

A: FAR is supported, however you need to download it separately for now. There is link on the forum page.

Q: Will this mod be indexed by CKAN?
A: Yes it's already on CKAN.

Q: The engines are overpowered!
A: If you dislike the engines, you can manually remove the engines by deleting the folder: GameData/OPT/Parts/engines. If you are looking for other large spaceplane engines, i recommend taking a look at: MkIV Spaceplane, and B9 Aerospace

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