Muddy's Halloween Experience!

Muddy's Halloween Experience!


Muddy's Halloween Experience!

This mod includes several of my mods and some exclusive features not found in other mods that make a pretty spooky experience for your Halloween needs!

The whole world is dark and scary, some mobs have changed their looks, and the whole camp celebrates the spooky season!

What this mod does:

*Changes the Camp to a dark and spooky Pumpkin Pastures. 

*Adds the scary Echoing Voids DLC's ambiance to almost all levels to make them much spookier. 

*Changes many mobs' textures to fit the Halloween (Bone Spiders, Skeleton Wolves, Viler Witches, all merchants in camp..)

*A retexture/rehauled version of Hungry Horror and Spooky Sword from last year's event (thanks Pinku Rinku)


*If Minecraft: dungeons updates and the camp gets changed in a way, don't use this mod as it would probably mess up some things. I'll update it as fast as I can though!

*This mod is NOT compatible with other camp mods.

*This mod is NOT compatible with other mods that change ambiances in levels.

*This mod is also not quite compatible with texture changes, if a mod changes something like a Spider's texture or one of the villager's textures it likely won't work very well..

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Thanks for Dokucraft Team for their help in modding this game.