Spooky Camp

Spooky Camp


Spooky Camp

My Creeping Void Missions mod allowed us to play Pumpkin Pastures in a creepy and scary ambiance, which gave me the idea to take that concept and turn it into a terrifying Camp for our players, this will truly bring the spooky vibes of Halloween in the camp!

What this mod does:

*Changes the textures to look like the ones from Pumpkin Pastures

*Adds cool terrain around the camp of a scary forest, and pumpkins all around the camp

*Other cool little details such as cobweb in the house or the merchants having their own "halloween costumes"


*If Minecraft: dungeons updates and the camp gets changed in a way, don't use this mod as it would probably mess up some things. I'll update it as fast as I can though!

*This mod is NOT compatible with other camp mods.

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Thanks for Dokucraft Team for their help in modding this game.