King Boss Mods 2.0

King Boss Mods 2.0


Before Installing This Addon Please Close The Game Completely

This project would not exist without the consent from it's older but abandoned project all credit due to them and the community contributors on whose work we've built upon. We are continuing their tireless efforts to update KBM for the latest versions of Rift and the new raid instances and changes that have come with it, keeping the add-on relevant and continuing to enjoy the fun that Rift still provides!

Since the original project left off we've added:

  • Prophecy of Ahnket Vials, Stones, and Eternal Weapon Buff Tracking on the ReadyCheck monitor
  • Queens Foci
  • Tartartic Depths LFR and NM
  • Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix
  • Bastion of Steel
  • Rift PRIME Changes and additions to the revisited instances.

Fully translated in French, German and English.


Numerous reliability and stability improvements, font choices, new "sheeping" debuff removals.