Starcraft 2: The Crystal Shards Campaign

Starcraft 2: The Crystal Shards Campaign


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This is a custom campaign starring Stetmann and his journeys after leaving the Hyperion.
Join Stetmann as he explores the stars for ancient Xel'Naga Crystal shards.
Level up Stetmann, your base, and armies with new tech and many challenges along the way!


- 1 (of 7) Planets available
- 3 (of 21) total Missions available
- Fully Voiced
- Original Soundtrack
- In-game Cinematics
- Upgrade your arsenal with Tech earned from various objectives
- Customize your perks and research capabilities
- Achievements
- Balanced for 4 difficulties ( Casual / Normal / Hard / Brutal)
- Archive mode (play older missions with tech and units earned in later missions)

The first release is just Glaciara, the first planet, but the next couple of planets are deep in development already.



Discuss the campaign, earn server achievements, and get cool strats on Discord!


Campaign by Gemster312
Original Soundtrack by Shimshon the Gadite