What is WonderfulWhims?

WonderfulWhims is a standalone mod that offers plenty of social, relationship, and pregnancy enhancements in forms of Attractiveness, Impressions, Personality Archetypes, Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control and many more.
Do you want your Sims to have a fully featured Menstrual Cycle? Or use Birth Control for WooHoo? Maybe you want them to be attracted to certain physical appearance or recognize personality? Try WonderfulWhims!


(all features can be disabled or tweaked)

Attractiveness (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Live in a world where every Sim has their own style and preferences that affect everybody
  • Refine your own style and define your own preferences
  • Encounter storytelling situations that make your Sims heart beat faster
  • Learn what others are into and try to impress them with your looks

Impressions / Personalities (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Learn Sims personality archetypes and share your unique view on the world
  • Use your new special social interactions to voice your personality preference
  • Compatibility with personality traits made by  Chingyu, Kuttoe, and Kiara

Menstrual Cycle (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Watch Sims experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with hormonal effects, periods, and variable fertility
  • Purchase tampons and pads to fight against the menstrual bleeding and get the ‘Extra Absorbency’ Reward Store trait to improve their absorbency
  • Learn about your fertility by purchasing the Fertility Awareness Test available to use on toilets
  • Consider going through the Fertility Treatment service to improve your chances of getting pregnant
  • Optionally switch to the Simple Pregnancy Mode and use flat percentage chances for pregnancy

Birth Control (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Avoid getting pregnant by using condoms and birth control pills
  • Fully compatible and functioning with WooHoo and Try for Baby interactions
  • Compatibility with the ‘WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul’ mod by Lumpinou

Crabs (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Sims can catch Crabs through WooHoo with infected Sims or sleeping in infested beds
  • Sims slowly experience the process of catching Crabs through multiple moodlet stages
  • Special Lice Killing Shampoo to use in a shower or bathtub
  • Special ‘Crabs Immune’ Satisfaction Reward Store trait
  • Ability to ask other Sims about their health

Relationship Additions

  • Ability to have multiple romantic non-committed and committed partners with the ‘Open Relationships’ function
  • Ability to disable jealousy on individual Sims with the ‘Polyamours’ Wonderful Attribute
  • Ability to disable jealousy for all Sims via Settings
  • Ability to ask multiple Sims at once to ‘Stay the Night’

Pregnancy Scientific Donation

  • Sims can decide to donate their unborn baby to science during the first or second trimester via Phone

Pregnancy Additions

  • Ability to modify the entire pregnancy duration
  • Sims Pregnancy Test doesn’t always result in negative moodlets unless Sim has the ‘Family Oriented’ trait
  • Sims leave a puddle when their water breaks


  • Ability to use Pose Player poses and animations
  • Dynamic positioning interface for adjusting posing Sims position and rotation

WooHoo Enhancements

  • Ability to enable pregnancy for all WooHoo interactions (merge Try for Baby interactions with WooHoo interactions)


  • Sims visibly sweat when performing vigorous actions
  • Ability to wash off sweat by taking a bath or showering
  • Special ‘No Sweat’ satisfaction Reward Store trait

Persistent Boredom

  • Sims remember their conversations for 8 hours and will react in boredom if talked to about the same topics

Wonderful Attributes

  • Use special traits without usage of CAS or the Reward Store
  • 'Socially Avoidant' trait which makes Sims simply not interested in talking to anybody unless they have to
  • 'Post-Puberty' trait for Teen Sims to no longer experience the effects of going through puberty
  • 'Hypofertile' trait to introduce significant difficulties conceiving a child


  • Support with the Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod

Minor Game Bug Fixes

  • Random Clothes on Bathing Outfit Fix
  • ASM States Error Suppression
  • Missing Proximity Buff Error Suppression
  • Incorrect Mixer Death Reactions Fix

All available commands are listed with the use of the 'ww.commands' command

Recent Patch Notes

WonderfulWhims v36

  • Reworked, Rebalanced, and Simplified Attractiveness
      • It's faster, cleaner, prettier, more stable, easier to understand, and ready to make an impact. Many aspects have been altered, simplified, combined with other elements, or simply removed to declutter.
    ⚠️ Warning! Yes, this means that existing Sims Attractiveness preferences will be altered and their view of other Sims will change. There is no way to avoid it, progressing forward while sticking with the old system was simply not possible.
    Oh, and icons now fit the style

  • Added Strong Attractiveness
      • Selecting or developing preferences can feel like it doesn't matter, making you think that the individual selected likes and dislikes just don't change much. That's where Strong Attractiveness can make your selections impactful.
      • With Strong Attractiveness you can select up to three likes and dislikes that are the most important and these will have the biggest influence on how others are perceived. If there's something specific you care about the most, make it a Strong Preference and it will have a strong impact.

  • Added the ability to 'Split Preferences Per Male & Female'
      • Sims that are open to relationships with everybody can now split their preferences into Male Sims and Female Sims. You can still select Universal preferences that will apply to everybody but are adjusted with Male/Female specific preferences depending on the perceived Sim.
      • Splitting Sims preferences is a manual action and requires manually selecting preferences. Developing preferences will only be done to Universal preferences.

  • Added 'Attractiveness Blacklisted' Wicked Attribute (trait)
      • Although Attractiveness Ambivalent Sims would ignore the looks of other Sims, that would not exclude them from the world of superficial refinement appraisal. Sims that are Attractiveness Blacklisted will not see or be seen by other Sims through the attractiveness feature.
  • Added support for personality traits made by Chingyu, Kuttoe, and Kiara to Impressions
  • Improved detection and handling of jealousy
  • Sims can now autonomously apply both a Tampon and a Pad at the same time
      • If you have Sims that keep both tampons and pads in their inventory and allow them to auto use both, that process is now faster and won't require two separate interactions.
  • Made overused pads/tampons only affect Sims with low hygiene
  • Added ability to manually apply condoms to other WooHoo participants
  • Improved consistency of autonomous birth control usage
  • Added support for the ChippedSim's School Tweaks Locker Overhaul mod
  • Added 'Socially Avoidant' Wonderful Attribute (Trait)
      • Sims with the 'Socially Avoidant' trait will simply never want to talk to anybody and other Sims will never try to talk to them. This works great with the Loner trait if you want to create a Sim that doesn't seek conversations. Otherwise, you can use it for Sims that you don't want to see being social in public.
  • Added ability to add/remove Wonderful Attributes via Relationship Panel
  • Improved random distribution of Wonderful Attributes
  • Added Pose functionality
      • If you're not aware, the Pose Player by Andrew available on the Sims4Studio forum is a widely used mod for anybody taking pictures in the game. I was often suggested to add an easy to use instant positioning interface... so I asked Andrew if this would be okay and here it is! Adult Sims can be posed with access to an instant positioning feature.
      • You should still keep the Pose Player by Andrew for your regular usage as this posing functionality doesn't support all Sims and doesn't work the same way.
      • Thanks Andrew 💜

  • Added Settings Profiles system
      • To keep settings reliable, they are no longer directly saved within the game save. Settings are now saved as independent external files called "profiles". Profiles can be used by any game save and altered at any time across all game saves that use the same profile. A new profile is created for every new game and subsequent game save slots will continue to use the same profile. You can make a profile with your favorite settings and use it in every game save, altering any settings will apply to every other existing game save or new game saves that use this profile.
  • Reworked save system
      • The save system is now completely integrated with the base game format, following standard conventions and solutions which assures stability and reliability.
      • ⚠️ Warning! Saving the game with this new save system will prevent you from downgrading so make sure to save on a new save slot just in case.
  • Improved overall stability
  • Improved 'ww.fix' command effectiveness
  • Fixed text missing pronouns when playing in other language than English

WonderfulWhims v35

  • Added 'Post-Puberty' teen-specific Wonderful Attribute (trait)
      • After installing the High School Years expansion pack, you might notice that all teen Sims are constantly dealing with puberty and acne. Besides it being annoying for the teen Sims, it can be pretty annoying for the player too, so you can now disable puberty and acne on individual teen Sims with the 'Post-Puberty' Wonderful Attribute
  • Made 'Crush' sentiment require at least Attractive level of Attractiveness
  • Updated Impressions to support new traits and social interactions
  • Added support for the Haunted House, Ferris Wheel, Tunnel Love, and Photo Booth WooHoo

WonderfulWhims v34

  • Compatibility with the 1.90.358 game patch
  • Updated the phone icons to match the new style
  • Added support for the new CAS Sexual Orientation functionality

WonderfulWhims v33

  • Compatibility with the 1.89.214 game patch
  • Support for the Werewolves Game Pack
  • Added support for the Lumpinou’s LGBTQIA+ mod

WonderfulWhims v32

  • Added 'Ovulation' status moodlet
      • To balance the menstrual cycle experience, Sims now know when they are the most fertile, instead of you having to check phone apps or debug info.
  • Simplified and rebalanced the Impressions feature
      • The simplification changes make this feature a lot more straightforward, simply offering additional personality traits that come with social interactions and personality compatibility.
      • Additional social interactions are only available between Sims that discover each other personality and their personalities are compatible. Having conversations that fit Sims compatible personalities grows their positive impression which improves their relationship.
  • Removed the ability to fake personality
  • Replaced the 'Greedy' personality with the 'Sinister' personality
      • The 'Greedy' personality archetype has been replaced due to being very limited and narrow-minded. The 'Sinister' personality archetype is all about doing bad things and making Sims feel bad.
  • Added 'Romance Gender Preference Outcome' setting
      • Normally in the game, Sims don't care about their gender preference and will be alright flirting with anybody, as their preference is meant to be fluid and adapt to the player's actions. With Attractiveness allowing you to select gender preference, this can be problematic as all Sims will respond positively to flirting. The 'Romance Gender Preference Outcome' setting will alter all romance responses to respect gender preference so you will not be confused anymore.
  • Updated text to support custom pronouns
  • Decreased save data size on disk

WonderfulWhims v31

  • Assured compatibility with the 1.85.203 (March 15th) game patch
  • Fixed Sim-specific save data reverting on travel
  • Fixed Attractiveness CAS Likes & Dislikes not updating Sim's gender preferences
  • Fixed some menstrual cycle moodlets not disappearing after Sim's period ends

WonderfulWhims v30

  • Added 'Ask to Stop Using Birth Control' social interaction
      • Sims with developed friendship and romance can now decide together to stop using Birth Control. Sims that agree to stop using Birth Control will stop automatically taking birth control pills and using condoms during WooHoo.
  • Added 'Take Away All Sims Wicked Attributes' interaction
  • Fixed 'Ask about Health' not working correctly
  • Purchasing the 'Crabs Immune' reward trait will now clear crabs from the Sim

WonderfulWhims v29

  • Stability fixes and improvements

WonderfulWhims v28

  • Fixed a minor issue with the reworked save system

WonderfulWhims v27

  • Assured compatibility with the 1.82.99 game patch
  • Fixed and reworked the integrated save system for improved stability
  • Fixed Sims gender preference not updating on game load

WonderfulWhims v26

  • Added 'NPC Sims Birth Control Use Behavior' Birth Control setting
      • With this setting you can control how likely NPC Sims are to use birth control during WooHoo/Try for Baby.

WonderfulWhims v25

  • Fixed Sims using a condom twice during WooHoo/TFB
  • Fixed not being able to change pads or tampons using public bathrooms
  • Improved compatibility with the 'CAS Preferences Disabler' mod
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Lumpinou's mods

Find older patch notes here.