Better Resupply

Better Resupply



  • New column shows how much of each resource/rover/prefab your colony currently has.
  • Resource numbers are color-coded for how long the current supply plus shipment will last
    • White when infinite (production >= consumption + maintenance)
    • Red when less than 5 sols
    • Yellow when less than 10 sols
    • Green otherwise
  • Resource tooltips include current resource usage and runway until stockpiles are exhausted.


  • Interests and Demographics summary of selected applicants added on the left.
  • Applicant selections are no longer cleared if you go back to the filter. Currently selected applicants will always be shown even if they no longer match the filter.
  • Individual filter critera can now be clicked to review all applicants with that trait. The rest of the filter criteria will be used to sort the applicants. Beware: thumbs down on other criteria will not prevent them from showing up in this view.

Want to make sure that Genius or Celebrity is included? Just click on those traits to show matching applicants and thumbs them up. Need to also bring 3 Engineers and a Scientist? Click on those filter criteria to see only applicants with those specialties to select. Now it's easier than ever to pick exactly who you want to bring to Mars!