Custom Mission Log

Custom Mission Log



Custom Mission Log for TSW/SWL.

After playing TSW for some time I noticed that there's a lot of interesting text in mission tier desciptions. Actually, in some cases you don't understand what is it that you're doing without reading it (like in side missions, for example). In TSW I kept the mission journal open and read the stuff there but SWL auto-closes it all the time and breaks the window position and size. So, I decided to finally make a mission log plugin that would show me all the text I want to read.

The plugin supports three modes: display all descriptions, hide main story description, hide all descriptions.

To disable the plugin temporarily, type "/setoption CustomMissionLog false" in the chat. Type "/setoption CustomMissionLog true" to enable it again.

Example screenshot 1 Example screenshot 2 Example screenshot 3