This addon is inspired by Vipers Topbar Information Overload, and is even more overloaded und updated to the current game version.
It has the features of VTIO to show addons, latency, FPS, online cabal mebers, online friends, black bullions, PAX, inventory space, mapcoordinates, ...
And it also includes features like auto-select aegis, deck picker, aux picker, autosprint, auto pet summoning, DPS and HPS counter, ...
Mostly everything can be dragged as you wish on your topbar using the GuiLock (top right icon).

Special Functions:
If you right click the sprint or pet icon, it automaticly summons your favourite sprint / pet.
If you click the mapcoordinates it sends the coordinates to the chat, with meetup information, ready to add your information
The Aux-Buttons are configured using the left mouse button, then you can left click to equip it again or right click to delete it.
Save your decks using "|" or ">" to create submenus in the deckpicker

Since this addon includes most of the things you may have other addons for, it might be incompatible to other addons:
- Viper Topbar Information Overload: Please uninstall this addon completly to use this
- AegisHUD / AutoSelect: Aegis: Turn off the autoselect function on either the Topbar or the addon
- AutoSprint: Should be compatible, but I suggest to uninstall it
- Valyrie's Pet Handler: Should be compatible if you dont enable the pet symbol on the topbar

Thanks for the donations (Paypal and Ingame):
Desintegration, Beaexn and Nerfer, TristanX