[SWL] HealerHelper

[SWL] HealerHelper


Has of Patch 2.3.1 almost all the functionality of this mod has been recreated by Funcom meaning you do not need to use this mod anymore. 

 What is this?

A mod that helps healers target the other team in a raid. It hijacks Self and party keybinds making them select the people in the other team/group.

NOTE: The video shows HealerHelper with the FiveAlive 2 mod, HealerHelper does not change the look of the default group unit frames.


Options are provided by using /setoption to set the following variables to true or false:

  • /setoption HealerHelper_Reversed - Makes the F# keys target the other group when no mod keys are pressed and your own with mod key. (default: true)
  • /setoption HealerHelper_SwapOnShift - Enables to target other group while Shift key is pressed. (default: true)
  • /setoption HealerHelper_SwapOnCtrl - Enables to target other group while Ctrl key is pressed. (default: true)
  • /setoption HealerHelper_SwapOnAlt - Enables to target other group while Alt key is pressed. (default: true)

Known Issue

This was developed has a quick fix to the healing targeting issue in raids, it will likely completely break in raids bigger then two groups, hopefully Funcom will have a official solution by then.


Xeio for having open source mods that let me see how to hijack a keybind. Everyone on the discord modding channel which where an invaluable help. The people that had to put up with me debugging my code in the NYC Raid.