SWL meeehrPack

SWL meeehrPack


This Pack is for SWL (Secret World: Legends) only!

This Pack contains Tweaks and Addons for Secret World: Legends, mostly based on meeehrUI-Topbar.

It is currently a work in progress project, since i'm trying to include all the functionality to look and feel like SWL and add more and more modules, as i'm porting, rewriting or writing them.

I call it a modpack because unlike meeehrUI-Topbar, this pack is now split into indevidual modules, and you can even remove parts of it you dont want.

Unfortunately you have to remove "AutoSprint", if you have installed it because this pack contains it's own version of it and it will interfere with it.

Currently the pack contains the following modules:

AutoPet automaticly summons one of your favourite pets when activated

AutoSprint automaticly enables sprinting when possible

BetterClock adds a 3rd clock type to the topbar which shows realtime and gametime at the same time, and it will save the selected mode (12 hour mode is planned for a later release)

Topbar Cabal & Friends adds icons to the topbar that shows how much cabal members and friends are online, clicking it opens the friends window.

MapCoord adds current map coordinates to the minimap, clicking it sends meetup informations to the chat.

How to install:

- Remove the directory "AutoSprint" from "<SWL Directory>\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash" if it is installed

- Copy the directory "meeehrPack" from the zip into "<SWL Directory>\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash"

- If you want to remove a module you can do so by simply removing the swf file inside the copied meeehrPack folder

- Restart the game if its running