[SWL] UITweaks_BagLock

[SWL] UITweaks_BagLock


 What is this?

A mod that locks the bags making them unmovable unless the override key is pressed.


Options are provided by using /setoption to set the following variables to true or false:

  • /setoption UITweaks_BagLock_Enabled - Enables the lock making the bags unmovable. (default: true)
  • /setoption UITweaks_BagLock_OverrideOnShift - Allow bags to move when Shift key is pressed. (default: true)
  • /setoption UITweaks_BagLock_OverrideOnCtrl - Allow bags to move when Ctrl key is pressed. (default: false)
  • /setoption UITweaks_BagLock_OverrideOnAlt - Allow bags to move when Alt key is pressed. (default: false)
  • /setoption UITweaks_BagLock_AffectSort - Allow to press the sort button in bags without having to have the override key pressed. (default: false)

Known Issue

The sort bag button will not work unless override key is pressed, I see this more as a feature then a bug so currently see no reason to fix it.


This is the ElTorquiro_UITweaks BagLock plugin stripped out and made into a stand alone mod using thee Skeleton mod example from the Official Discord #modding channel.

It's intended to provide most of the plugin functionality as a stand alone mod for Secret World Legends without any of the issues.


ElTorqiro and all his contributors. Icarus James for the Skeleton mod example. Everyone on the discord modding channel which where an invaluable help