Additive AI Picker

Additive AI Picker


This add-on is aimed to crafters with a crafting grid-based job (technologist, architect, cooking).

Did you ever lost time trying to craft lots of items because you were looking for the best additives to use at each step (especially true for expert boosts...)?

Fear not, this add-on will do this dull task for you. You'll only have to open the schematic, pick the item you want to craft, how many tries you want to do, and click on "Start Craft" on the AAIP window!

Usage :

- Bring up the schematic grid containing that sub-recipe. The add-on will show itself automatically.

- Pick the item you want to craft with the dropdown list. Pick "Manual mode" if you want AAIP to let you do your own work. Pick "Default recipe" if you only want the default recipe of the schematic...

- Click on "Start Craft" on the AAIP window.

- Let AAIP do the job!

- You can change the sub-recipe name without closing the schematic grid. Just don't do it WHILE IT'S CRAFTING... :p

- If you don't want AAIP to do its job anymore, click on "Stop & Clear".

- The add-on will be automatically hidden as soon as you close the schematic grid.

Notes :

- AAIP doesn't track the amount of money you have. Watch out if you tend to have empty pockets...

- AAIP does its best to find the best path, with cold, hard logic. It doesn't mean you'll have 100% accuracy on elder game sub-recipes (bad luck happens...).

- AAIP doesn't handle undiscovered/locked sub-recipes. It will warn you if you try to craft an undiscovered or locked recipe.

- For developers : If you want to re-use my algorithm, please send me a message. I'll surely accept, as long as I'm credited for my work. :D

Technical details :

The add-on builds a decision tree with depth = N, N being the number of additives the player can add to the recipe.

Then, it searches for the best path (it takes into account the radius of the additives, yay math!), and adds the first additive of the best path.

Then, rinse and repeat, this time with a decision tree with depth = N-1...And do so until either a 100% accuracy path is found or the player is out of additives.

The add-on is well-commented, do not hesitate to read the source code if you're curious! :D

If you like this add-on, I'm not against plats (Elulia@Treespeaker-FR), a few bucks or a "Thank you". :D

If you stumble on a bug (s**t happens), let me know in the comments section what you were doing, and a copy/paste of the error message.

Donators' list (or the "Thanks for free beer" list) :

Oldgrayone : 5$