What does it do?:
This addon can automate invitations of people to your guild/circle/party/raid by defining triggerwords. When people whisper you the triggerword, the associated action will be performed.

Who is it for?
For anyone wanting to invite new members to their circle guild without having to be active ingame all the time. Also for people organising big raids and rather want people to check in themselves instead of inviting everyone manually.

How to use it?
After installing the addon, type /autoinviter to open the rules menu. Click "Add rule" to create a new rule:

  • Case Sensitive: should the triggerword be case sensitive? Disabled by default
  • Trigger Sentence: the word or sentence that people should whisper you to trigger the action
  • Welcome message: What message should you whisper back? Leave empty for no message.
  • Action: Dropdown list of possible actions to perform.
    When you are done, press "Save rule" and you are all set! With the "enable" checkbox you can enable/disable rules on the fly.