All the source code for the add-on is available on bitbucket however and anyone is hereby expressly permitted to clone it somewhere they want and make it their own baby or submit pull requests. Unfortunately I do not have time to continue maintaining this add-on. Enjoy the f2p update!

BetterQuestLog is a minimalist oriented quest log replacement that does away with the episode/category/quest tree-style of quest menu in favor of the more familiar flat menu. A full list of features (updated as new features come along) can be found below.

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  • Minimalist one-line quest listing with status
  • Text coloring for difficulty of the quest (ordered easiest to hardest)
  • Reduced right-side unused space
  • Removed quest difficulty and status from right-side info since it's now included in the text
  • Optional quest level display
  • Working quest-linking
  • Group member quest tracking (see how many people have your quest). Note: Only works if your group members have this add-on as well! Sorry but the native quest log does not provide the support to do this at the moment - at least that I'm aware of.
  • Fast tree-navigation style with expand-all/collapse-all button
  • Callback log incorporated into main quest text for ease of use

If you can't live without addons like these, let me know by donating just $1 through curse. If everyone that downloaded donated $1 I could make and improve addons much more than I do now. I've only made this addon currently but I have a backlog of other ideas on how to improve wildstar. If you donate $50 I'll add the feature you request or work with you to have it made and if you donate $100 I'll do my best to make any addon you want or refund your money if it's not possible.