This addon will detect the gathering bots that we see teleporting and flying around. 

Slashcommand: /botbuster
When the addon is sure it's a bot, you can click on the name and report the player with 1 button and Carbine will receive all the relevant information. 

It's very lightweight and shouldn't cause any performance loss.

Detection methods: 
- Speedhack detection: Straightforward speed calculation based on position changes. Will only check if there are any speedbuffs on the unit etc. to ensure no real players get put on the Bot list.

- Teleport detection: Will check if the unit has been in a small circle around you, been gathering and then left your unit creation zone is under 15s. A real player can't do this, bots continuously trigger this.

How did i callibrate this:
I mainly used Whitevale and Galeras because i know the spots where i will definitely see bots and players at the same time. 

Why ?:
If we want to aid Carbine in getting rid of bots, client side lightweight detection is not resource intensive and the reports will all be in the same exact format, making the job for Carbine a lot easier to just fetch all the data they want out of these tickets with a simple program.

What about real players ?:
Making sure real players do not get onto the "Bot" list was my nr.1 priority. From all the tests i've done and my guild has done, this doesn't seem to happen. I haven't been in every zone yet and if there are some weird speed buffs for quests etc that could trigger the bot detection please let me know.