F2P Release (v0.4)


  • Save a build (LAS, Action Set, Abilities tiers)
  • Graphical interface to review your saved build
  • Associate an Equipment set with a build (need Gear Addon >=V2.0)
  • HotSwap DropDown for a 2 clicks build switch
  • Associate a tag for a build, better organization.
  • Easy way to create macro
  • Nice configuration options

Open Builder

  • Use the /builder command in chat
  • Use the Builder button in the left corner menu (you may pin it)
  • Use right-click on the HotSwap DropDown

Save a build

To save a build you only have to open the main window and click on Create Button

This will save your current LAS setup with abilities, AMP page and abilities tiers.

Build section

For each build section, you can


  • Activate it
  • Tag selection
  • Name and rename it
  • Delete it
  • Organise them (move up or move down)
  • View detail

HotSwap DropDown

Hurry Hurry, you need to switch to another build quick the HotSwap function is there. With two click you can switch to another build. 

 You can move the HotSwap while holding the CTRL key.

With version >0.3

If you use tags, With 2 clicks you activate a new build. (tag -> build)

Gear Addon

If you use the Gear Addon, you can associate a Equipement Set define by the Gear Addon with a build from Builder.

When Builder detect the Gear Addon, you current equipement set will be save when you create a build.
You can change the set with this control Associate equipement set for each build.
Without the Gear Addon this option won't be visible. 

Thank you Daorven for your support.

Coming Soon

  • Localisation need some tweak and testing
  • User requests
  • Maybe: Build sharing (this will be long) 
  • Bug fixes