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I made this window open to anyone with this addon. To push data into it it is very easy.

In your code you will need to call this function : 

function AddCharacterInformationLine(addonName, title, functionToGetValue, funtionToGetColor, data, tooltipContent)

Here are some examples: 

AddCharacterInformationLine("ChoicesHelper", "Total Gear Score",function() return self:getTotalGearScore(self) end,function() return "green" end, nil,"Some help information")

As you see:

  1. is the name of your addon
  2. is the title of the line.
  3. is a function which will return the value to print into the value spot of the line. This function will be call everytime the character window needs to be updated.
  4. is a function which will return the color of the value. Like that you can make it red, green or whatever you want. If 'nil', the value will be printed in white. 
  5. is a data object which will be accessible through the object returned.
  6. is the tooltip content.

When this function is called, the line will be added. Lets talk about the return value of the function.


  • wnd : line form, composed of two child 'Title' and 'Value'
  • update : the function you passed as second argument.
  • updateColor: the function you passed as third argument, if 'nil', always white.
  • data: the thing you pass as fourth argument, can be use in one of you function to do whatever you need / want
  • forceUpdate: will refresh the data
  • title: title of the line
  • addonName: name of the addon

To remove the line, just call 

function RemoveCharacterInformationLine(addonName, title)

'title' is the string title you passed as first argument when you created it. 


Thanks to Chill for the latest update, he made the lines ordered in alphabetical order and also made the add-on compatible with RealAP. Thanks !


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