Gives you guidance on how to solve Scientist experimentation missions. On every step you get a suggestion of what you should pick to solve the experimentation mission.


Following the hints from this Addon will always solve the experiment in 4 attempts or less.

The Addon should automatically display this hint window once you start an experiment. You can also show the window at any time with the /em command, but will only get a 'waiting' display, since without a running experiment, there's no patterns to pick from:

In case you don't feel like following directions, this Addon also has it's own thing to say about this ;)

This is not a fully fledged solver for this type of game (just look up 'MasterMind'), it only contains one strategy that will always succeed in four attempts or less - though it's pretty damn good strategy (Say thanks to Donald E. Knuth for that).


Currently fully localized in English, German & French. The French version currently is Google translate only, so I expect things to be a bit wooden. If you are willing to help, feel free to contact me.