Event Calendar

Event Calendar


EventsCalendar Info:

Use /events to open the Event Calendar Window.

If you get a warning that forces you to reload your addon, you will have to join your channels again.


***You must reset your window position if you are updating this addon from previous versions***

Press Escape, go to Interface Options > Window > find Event Manager > Hit the reset button on the right.  If you don't do this after updating, your window will display in unpredictable ways.

Joining a Channel:

**You MUST be in a channel to send and receive events**

Click the gear icon in the upper left to set your sync channel and passphrase.  The is currently no support for multiple sync channels.  Only users on the same sync channel, with the same passphrase, will share events.  Your guild, circle, alliance, or group of friends will have to decide on what to use in these fields.  They ARE case-sensitive.

There will be bugs.  This has not been an easy undertaking, and I want it to be awesome.  So, report bugs so I can fix them.

Future Plans:

  • Add Icon to quick bar to indicate new events or upcoming events.  
  • Add social features to start events and invite attendees.

Optional Tools:

None at this time, but possible support in the future.

Updates (newest first):


  • Integrated Calendar View. **You MUST reset your interface window position or it will be broken and not display correctly**
  • By default, you will see the events for the month in your list.  When you click on a day, it will only show details for the events for that day.  For now, you will have to change the month forward/back and then back to the current month to deselect the selected day.  I'm working on a fix for that, but I'm sure it's some fiddly thing I need to do.
  • If you want to create an event on a specific day, click that day on the calendar and then click Add Event.  That will pre-populate the Add New Event dialogue box with the month, day, year and set the time for 12:00pm (noon).
  • Event notification icons have been added to the calendar view for dates with events occurring on them.  This is also channel specific, so changing channels will show different events.  If it becomes an issue later that people would prefer to see events & channel names on the event notifications, I may change the current behavior.
  • Mousing over the calendar box for the date will show a tooltip with the names of the day's events in it.
  • The calendar is arranged Sun - Sat, and auto-resizes for short months.  Sometimes it doesn't look pretty when the months are very short (Feb. 2015, for example), but the alternative was to fill a bunch of extra weeks just to look fancy.  I may change this later to always completely fill 6 weeks of data, but I may not.
  • For now, I have not added multi-channel support.  For most people, that really isn't a big deal.  If it becomes a big deal, I'll add it.  If not, I'll leave it the way it is.
  • I have fixed the canceled events bug that was causing them to still show up after the deadline had passed.  Currently, canceled events will continue to display until it would have been time for them to start.  I always suggest editing the event to an earlier time to make it go away sooner.  I may add the option to hide canceled events later, or hide them for people who weren't signed up to attend.
  • Lots of major and minor cosmetic changes to work with the calendar integration.  All of the globals should be gone, and there shouldn't be any watchers or debugging messages left except the notification that you've joined a channel.


  • Modified event registration processing to eliminate multiple registrations for the same player.  After the change, events are behaving as expected when starting from clean data set.  Measures have been put in place to prevent data corruption, but I can't guarantee that other people's bad data won't get through.
  • This update will require a data wipe, but, as long as the registration processing has been corrected with the changes, this will be the last wipe for a while.  If the issues are fixed, I will be moving on to integrating the calendar grid code into the event manager.  The next major release you see will have a fully functioning calendar display.


  • Attempted to fix memory reference errors.  Hopefully it worked.  You may still show old events, but for right now, this is the way that it has to be done until I can get a fix in that doesn't crash the game, AND gets rid of old events.


  • Fixed a typo, /, for the curious, that broke everything.


  • Additional tweaks to event processing and list population.


  • Fixed an error on new event creation. It may necessitate deleting addon saved data for any character logged in during the error point.  Specific error will reference LUA:1300.


  • More reformatting of process tables.  Internal tests are good, so, to you guinea pigs I shall begin my experiments. (if you get crazy errors, delete your addon, saved data files for EventManager, and redownload.  I confirm that works 100%).


  • Adjustments made to event processing to reduce errors (hopefully to none).  I will continue to tweak as needed to ensure that events and registrations are processed as intended.  Thanks a lot to Sinaloit for helping me find the breakdowns in previous iterations.


  • Removed debugging "watchers" from production code because they cause errors :*(  Sorry for the trouble.


  • More tweaking to sync'ing events.  Events should sync every 5 minutes, regardless of whether they've been triggered


Major update

  • Complete rewrite of how events and communication is handled. In theory, it should be asynchronous. There may still be bugs with this, but I hope not.
  • Current events tables will have to be erased, it's the only way to make sure that something tragic doesn't happen.  Sorry.
  • Please report any errors, especially the line numbers. You will likely get errors if other users are using the old version of this addon and somehow manage to not update it.  Other users will certainly get errors if they are using old versions and getting events from you.


  • Attempt to fix odd behavior on log-in.  Still no luck, just reloadui and it will fix itself.  The game likes to be very slow about loading your character into the game world.  There's a workaround, but it isn't working well.
  • Incorporated security whitelists for users to set up filters for incoming sync events.  I may add this to a shareable feature in the future, but for now, each user has to set up their own filters if they want to use them.  To access the whitelist, open the options menu, and select "Require security clearance to sync events" and confirm.  You can then open the window.
  • set default sort value of events to time of creation until the proper sort value is calculated.
  • New event window will now pre-populate with the date and time of the event creation.  This is to help prevent users that are receiving errors when they forget to modify a required element of a new event.
  • Added display of roles selected by players to the Event Detail Attendees window.  Player roles will be displayed as 1 or 0, with 1 indicating the player selected that role, 0 they did not.  Role order is tank/healer/dps.


  • Fixed a problem with event sync between users.  Hopefully the fix doesn't introduce other problems.
  • Improved highlighting for selected items in list of events (as requested).
  • Added preliminary detailed item info pop-ups when selecting an event in the list (per user request).  It's ugly right now, and will have more info later.  But, for now, it's working.
  • Added some debugging spam to the chat window when things go wrong (and sometimes when they go right) just to be able to track better what your client is doing.  As the wrinkles get ironed out, these messages will go away.


  • Initial release
  • Early tweaks to addon save level.  This will result in "losing" your events.  Don't freak out.  You just need to Exit game, and then copy the addon save data Acct file C:\Users\<Computer User Name>\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\AddonSaveData\<random letters>\EventManager_0_Acct.xml and paste it in your character folder that is inside the server folder.  Once you paste it there, change "Acct" in the filename to "Char".  Sorry about this change, but it's better to do it now than later.  I had originally planned on syncing to all of your characters, but then realized that some players may play on both factions or different servers, and that wouldn't really work with the long-term plans for the addon.
  • Made some minor adjustments to element comparisons.  Some users were getting errors, others weren't so I tried to add checks to make sure things weren't blank before comparing values.  This may need additional adjustment as we go forward. Report those bugs!