Because "specialization is for insects", Generalist is a WildStar addon made in the tradition of Thaoky's "Altoholic" for World of Warcraft.  It is intended to easily answer questions like the following:

  • How much money do I have in total on all my alts?
  • Which alt should I switch to first to send money to this one?
  • Does my Warrior need to unlock the AMP which just dropped for me, or shall I sell it?
  • Would this psyblade which just dropped be an upgrade for my Esper?
  • Does my Outfitter know this schematic which just dropped?
  • Who is holding all my Dagun Sausage?
  • How many Renown points do I have on my Spellslinger?
  • Which alt was it that still needs Algoroc rep?

And so forth.  Generalist lets you quickly see all of the above.  Simply log into each alt in turn to update the local database.  You can access Generalist with the /gen command, or from the Interface menu.

Clicking on an item in any of these interface locations will make a chat link:

  • Alt's equipment slots display
  • Inventory search results
  • AMPs unlocked list
  • Tradeskill schematics list
  • Alternate currencies (Elder Gems, Renown, etc.)

Generalist is a labor of love on my part, made to solve these problems for me.  It is likely to grow as my WildStar habit grows, and I welcome suggestions and input from users and fellow addon developers.

Planned Improvements

  • A general round of code auditing/cleanup to make it easier for me to maintain and for other addon developers to learn from it
  • Auditing each character's decor, so when you see a tooltip for an item, you'll know who has it in their crate or decor already
  • ... any other requests?  Post comments!

Known Issues

  • Generalist doesn't yet know that any item in your bank exists.  This appears to be a limitation of the available WildStar APIs; no one (that I know of) is aware of a way to read it.  I'm attempting to poke Carbine about this.
  • Tooltips do not reflect item mods such as equipped runes.  (I noticed that when I run /inspect on everyone around me in Thayd, none of their rune sockets have runes either, so this may be a limitation or bug in the APIs, but if someone knows a fix I am happy to incorporate it!)
  • Related to the above, if a character is wearing a piece of crafted gear with customizable stats (more moxie or more brutality, say), I currently have no way of storing it other than as the base object, so you can see armor and item level but not exact stats on the piece.