This addon is designed to help coordinate where to be during the egg phases while fighting Kuralak. When she starts phase 2, it will draw on screen 4 "corners" where it's typically safe to gather to group up to pop eggs. Some guilds like my own simply group up to 5 eggs in one place to break them all at the same time. To avoid confusion, all you simply need to do is specify a color for people to stand on.

I wrote this addon in just a coupe hours and its mostly just for my own guild use, but i'm open to any ideas.  It starts on it's own and doesn't have any configuration at the moment.

Please report any issues you encounter. I think i've got the addon working as it should now, but there's no way to test except one fight a week while my guild kills her. Just post any errors or if the addon stops drawing markers, etc

Please Try out my new OmhnaHelper Addon as well!


  • 4 Directional indicators of safe spots to stack or for positioning.
  • Pillar marking with the ability to draw a line to it.

What's New?

Added a newest  version: Added support for German and French clients.

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