Crafters, Are your wrist sore from creating thousands of items? Let Multicraft help.

UPDATE: Can now record a set of additives to repeat during crafting.

ATTENTION: Currently Only Grid Crafting (Cooking/Architect) Without Additives Works.  Additives now work!.

Other crafting types coming as soon as I bother to level those.


  1. Open the Crafting window.  Load a Schematic.
  2. add required additives and craft an item
  3. once it completes leave the crafting window open with the start crafting button visible enter the total you want to build into the Multicraft window (could be behind the Crafting Grid) and hit begin.
  4. To clear recorded Additives hit the "Clear Additives" button and record a new set
  5. Profit. Seriously Architect's are made of money.

Bug reports here please

P.S good at ui design? Get in touch.