Inspired by Cha-Ching, I coded up an addon to color code all of the Commodities Exchange. It helps by informing you with colors if you would lose or make money selling to others on the CX instead of selling to a vendor.

If you would lose money at the competitive rate after fees, it will highlight it in RED. It is letting you know to SELL TO A VENDOR. Or you know, Could you craft with it. Maybe. If at the competitive rate, you would make a profit after fees, it will highlight it in GREEN.

Shout out and thanks to Adelea Fusspawn and inspiring me to learn Lua.

Update: Now covers SellNow AND BuyNow & Buy Orders. NoSwiping now covers Swiping?

Do be careful with the buy recommendations. Green just means it COULD be profitable, not that it will at the price required to buy a stack of 200 or the amount you want. Please check the purchase price w/ fees vs the sellprice you would get selling to a vendor if that is what you are doing.