Main features:

  • Adds 3D depth to nameplates
  • Makes distinguishing near from far targets possible just by looking at them - it really makes a difference in PvP!
  • Reduces screen clutter

Nameplate addons supporting PerspectivePlates:

Known issues:

  • Option to gradually fade nameplates with distance not possible currently as the fade animation resets opacity on every update (waiting for Carbine fix)

For nameplate addon authors:

  1. In your OnDocLoaded method store a reference to PerspectivePlates addon:
    self.perspectivePlates = Apollo.GetAddon("PerspectivePlates")
  2. To use the perspective function effect, call OnRequestedResize just before showing the nameplate in your OnFrame function (or whichever place you have after drawing your nameplate window):

    if self.perspectivePlates then self.perspectivePlates:OnApplyPerspective(wndNameplate, nameplateOwnerUnit) end