Protostar Multifunction Tool - Gathering Tool Swapper

Protostar Multifunction Tool - Gathering Tool Swapper


Are you a serious gatherer?

Are you one of those who pshaw at the thought of tradeskills?

Well here at the Protostar Corporation, we have just the tool for you!

Have you found yourself fumbling for the correct item for the job as you wander around Nexus digging up and harvesting everything in sight?

No more! Now with Protostar Corporations Multifunction Tool, the correct tool for the job will leap into your hands![1]

 Our Promise to You, is to get you what[2] you want, exactly when you want it! For cash!

 [Basically, this addon will note that you're being a ditz and using the wrong tool and will try and find and equip one that matches the target resource. So two rightclicks and you'll be harvesting as expected]

[1] - Protostar Corporation does not hold any responsibility for sawn off appendages. Please do not run with the Protostar Multifunction Tool. You Will Put Your Eye Out With That.

[2] - You must already own the harvesting tools required. And Please, Not With The Good Scissors.