Note: I no longer play WildStar.  If anyone would like to continue maintaining the project, please let me know.  There's an unfinished build of the addon with support for LUI_Aura integration that I'd be happy to pass off to anyone willing to continue working on it.

What's this?

QtCooldown is an attempt to bring many features of the popular SexyCooldown and CoolLine addons for World of Warcraft into WildStar.  QtCooldown allows you to create up to six timelines on which you can display any of your currently active cooldowns as well as buffs or debuffs on yourself, your target, or your focus target.  By default, QtCooldown's timelines use a logarithmic scale, which means that timers which are expiring soon will move more quickly and are more spaced out than those with a long time remaining.  This allows you to quickly determine which abilities/auras will be ready soon even if there are many icons displayed on the bar.

QtCooldown includes many configuration options to allow you to customize it to your liking.  To display the configuration UI, use the /qtc or /qtcooldown slash command.  You may display up to six different bars on the screen at a time, and each bar has its own separate configuration for size, color, opacity, as well as which items are tracked or ignored.

You can create multiple configuration profiles on a single character, and then swap between these profiles using a macro with the /qtc swapprofile command.  This allows you to easily keep two sets of bars for each LAS, if you so desire.

QtCooldown is developed and maintained by Talim Amariyo on the Entity server. Feel free to give me a poke if you come across me in-game and need help or have a suggestion.


  • Track your own cooldowns, as well as buffs and debuffs on yourself, your target, your focus target, and any combination thereof
  • Create up to six bars at a time, each with their own appearance and filtering.  You can keep one bar for just your cooldowns, one bar for keeping track of raid debuffs on yourself, and another bar for keeping track of DoTs on your current target.
  • Create profiles to easily swap between bar configurations, allowing you to have one setup for each LAS, or one shared setup across all your characters
  • Know immediately when an ability comes off cooldown with a configurable pulse animation that can be placed anywhere on the screen

Known Issues and Limitations

  • The API does not provide any way to see who applied a debuff to a target, so QtCooldown cannot display only your debuffs on your target.
  • Likewise, the API does not provide any way to differentiate multiple instances of the same debuff on a target.  As a result, if you have multiple Spellslingers using Ignite on a target, only one of those Ignite icons will appear on your debuff bar.  I will attempt to implement a workaround for this in the next update.  Note that this does not interfere with Surged and un-Surged Ignite tracking, since those are technically considered two different spells by the API.

Planned Additions

  • Tracking of CC effects, separately from debuffs
  • Internal cooldown tracking for AMP procs
  • An API to allow other addons to add custom timers, for things like boss alerts
  • Multiple bar textures
  • ColorPicker support for bar/icon colors