RaidOps [EPGP/DKP,Raid utilities,Armory,Loot Tracking]

RaidOps [EPGP/DKP,Raid utilities,Armory,Loot Tracking]



What this addon does?

I consider this project completed, but I'm still visiting curse from time to time... should anything break you can catch me on github everyday!

It does following things (full-ish list):
 EPGP/DKP Management.
Enhancements to carbine's Master Loot Addon.
Attendance and raid tracking.

Chat bidding system.
Raid invites.
Item drops tracking.
Timed awards.
Automatic boss awards.
Undo and Redo system.
Alts support.
GP values on item tooltips.
 In-addon tutorials.
And tons of different stuff that accumulated during development!
Dedicated website to track EPGP data , attendance , raids and loot. 

Armory on website , only 1 person needs an addon to build armory for all raid members! Example

Uploader/downloader application.

Are you stuck?

/rops tutorial will help you out!

/epgp to open main window!

This addon is quite Big and it may take a while to get used to therefore I created the wiki , enjoy. There is new one being built here.Or just use in-game tutorials... (the best option) :).

Questions? Suggestions? Bug reports? Leave them  [here]or in the comments!

English client highly recommended , German version should work with partial translation here and there , French client unsupported.

More often than not I'm not aware of something being broken/missing etc. if you want me to do something LET ME KNOW ! (I don't bite)