RareTracker observes when nearby units are created and checks their names against a list of known rare mobs. Clicking on the names once a rare is found will show a quest hint arrow pointing you towards the mob. If you have TrackMaster installed it will also draw a line to the unit and allow you to track mobs at their last known location if they go out of range


  • Tomed (owner)
  • Olivar Nax (maintainer & developer)

Features in a nutshell

  • /raretracker, /rt, or walk near a rare mob to bring up the resizable window
  • access RareTracker settings through the Options side panel
  • left click on a name to track it (use TrackMaster to get tracking lines and to track units that are out of range)
  • right click on a name to remove it from the list
  • red distance text means the unit was destroyed (dead or out of range), green means it's alive
  • if a unit goes out of the configured range (see options) it will be automatically removed from the tracked mobs


empty tracker window

Config Screen


  • 2.2.1
    • Removing "Boss" and "World Boss" from the rares.
  • 2.2
    • Rares that have been killed are no longer tracked by default. This can be changed in the config options
    • When tracking rares that have been killed already, the Addon will show an additional icon for the rare.
    • Rares are now tracked over achievements.