Serenity_Bags (unsupported)

Serenity_Bags (unsupported)


Serenity_Bags (Unsupported)

A Bag Addon that sorts items into separate bag windows with the Carbine given Family names, or user specified names.

Notice: Sorry for such a late announcement. I have not had time to update this addon, and I doubt I will get the time soon. Please note that this addon is now "Unsupported" by me, but anyone can update it for themselves and upload it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Sorts items into separate bag windows (With newly upgraded arrangement system - Similar to GUI bag addon from WoW)
  • Auto sells junk items when vendor is opened
  • Auto opens when vendor is opened
  • Added a drag drop icon for specifying what bag window to place an item (The spanner icon)
  • Currency Display when mouse hovered over MainBag Currency element
  • Fixed split item - Use the same was as the standard carbine addon: Shift + mouse button 1
  • Added MrFancyPants support -> does not work with new versions of MrFancyPants!


  • Hover over currency in Main Bag Bar to view all alternate currencies (Renown, Crafting vouchers etc.)


  • I have tried to create a Bank version of this addon, but currently cannot due to missing API calls... Will attempt to fix this through carbine