This addon helps you to quickly swap one skill for another without using the Action Set Builder window. It comes in handy for example when running a dungeon where you may need to swap in an interrupt, a dispell, a CC breaker etc for a certain fight. Also when questing for example as medic you want to use Gamma Rays when fight solo targets and Quantum Cascade when fighting multiple. Using Action Set Builder each time you want to make a minor change to your LAS involves too much pointing and clicking. With SkillSwitch you can do this really fast.

SkillSwitch adds small buttons at the top of your action bar, when moving the mouse over a button a menu will appear where you can select a skill to swap in. Whenever you have swapped a skill into a certain slot on your LAS this will be remembered, and swapping back and fort can be done in just one click. When one skill is swapped for another the tier level of the original skill will be applied to the new skill. The path skill can be swapped fast too.

Right click a skill shortcut to remove it from the list of remembered skills.

Setup and configuration

When SkillSwitch is loaded it will find the action buttons and position the buttons above them. If you want to tweak the size and positions of the buttons or other options, acces the SkillSwitch configuration window from the ESC-addon list or through the /SkillSwitch command.

If you are using CandyBars, SkillSwitch will attach to the action buttons of CandyBars instead of the built in action bar. If you make layout changes in CandyBars, use the "Reset layout" button in the SkillSwitch configuration window to update the SkillSwitch button layout.