SpaceStash (API11)

SpaceStash (API11)


New (5 october 2015): Improved for use with mouse look. More information in the patch note.

!!! You may have to type command "/ssi reset" if you used the previous version. !!!


  • Replacement of the base large inventory and bank(will be back soon) with a smaller and configurable one.
  • Inventory and bank(will be back soon) sorting.
  • Automatic repair or selling items at vendor (configurable).
  • Choose when you want to your inventory to open (at vendor, auction house, etc.).
  • Localized in English, German and French (if you want to help for other translation, your welcome).

Recommended other addons

Theses addons works well combined to SpaceStash :


SpaceStash is an addon aiming to be an equivalent of Bagnon for Wildstar. Actually, it allow you to personalize some aspects as icons size and the number of items per row or the currency you are willing to display. You will also be able to choose to use some automation like selling items or repair while visiting a vendor and when your inventory is displayed.

By clicking on the top-left button, you will open a small window allowing you to view your bank or to open the options.The second button will allow you to display your currently equipped bags. To hide them, you can simple push this button a second time.

In the bottom part, you will find your all currencies by moving your mouse on the currencies frame, a button to open the salvage all window and another to open your tradeskills inventory.

Next version

SpaceStash is actual in a active development phase and is updated regularly. Here is a little list of what is expected for the next version.

  • Refactoring to ease maintenance.
  • The bank module.

Missing features before 1.0 release

Here is a no-exhaustive list of features that will be added before the release :

  • A quest inventory and a tradeskills inventory displayed in a similar way that the bags (the button to show bags is in fact a tab, others tab are currently hidden).
  • Possibility to see the bags / bank of the others characters on the same server.
  • A search box.

Known bugs

  • Split window position save don't work properly, you may have to move it multiple time.
  • The dropdown menu may be overlapped by the Close button of SpaceStashCore window.
  • The currencies menu may not close if you clic rift and/or bottom of it.
  • The tradeskill bag is locked in the center of the screen.