I got tired of scanbot shenanigans, so I made this. This addon's functionality is split up into two parts.


If you're using an action combat addon, like I am, but you allow it to target friendlies (as it makes scanning easier), you might sometimes find your scanbot will steal your target away when you're charging something up.

  • If you have a target but you happen to accidentally target your scanbot instead, the original target will be restored;
  • If you accidentally target your scanbot when you don't have a target, your target will simply be cleared;
  • The above behaviour does cover the scanbots of all other players (those in your party/raid, and those you encounter);
  • If you wish to target your scanbot (for whatever reason), you can do this by holding shift while you target it.


I've heard that scanbots can be a big issue in PvP, so I wrote in some functionality to deal with them there, too.

  • If you're targeting (via any means) and you accidentally catch a scanbot, the target will be changed to the enemy player the bot belongs to;
  • Other features regarding your own scanbot (or those of friendlies) mimic PvE.


I eventually plan to add a menu to toggle the PvE/PvP features individually and add a dropdown to change the keys. I don't want to use a slash command for that because those are irritating to have to remember for me, so I don't want to force that on others. It'll require that I learn the UI more, though, before I can pull that off.

If you have any feature requests or bug reports, please comment with them, here, as it's what I'll be following.