What it does:
TapThat will complete Client Side Interactions (CSIs) automatically when you start them.
A CSI is a Rapid Tap, Press And Hold, Metronome, or Memory (Simon) event.
Options can be accessed through the slash command /tt
What it does NOT do:
TapThat does not  and will not do press and hold Crowd Control Gameplay that happens when you get stunned.
TapThat does NOT violate the TOS/EULA and you will not be banned for using TapThat.  Lead Client Engineer Bitwise has said TapThat is legit.

Updated to API 16.  If you find any issues please leave a comment or submit a bug ticket.

 To install the mod, copy the zip file to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\addons and extract them.

Original Author: legowxelab2z8