Virag's Social is an alternative for default Wildstar Social Interface. Same Social grid for Guilds, Circles, Friends, Neighbors and Groups, WarParty, Arena teams. ViragsSocial will replace default Circles, FriendsList, Guild, GuildContentInfo, GuildContentRoster, SocialPanel, Who Wildstar addons.

The Addon is pretty stable and only some tuning /feature requests left, but try to keep it up to date and let me know if there are any bugs or how can i improve the addon.

Opens with /vsl command or from Interfaces menu.

How to bind: Press Esc -> Keybindings Tab -> Find Social -> Bind it


  1. Can see location, tradeskill and guild of other addon users.
  2. Use player Context menu in every tab. (No more Options buttons to whisper;p)
  3. Can add your note in circles, just like in default WildStar Guild tab
  4. /join and /invite name@realm account friends and "Visit Neighbor" option in context menu (right click on players row)
  5. Can change Message of the day for Circles and Warparty
  6. Can search and visit Random house by player name
  7. Guild, Circles, Neighbors and Warparty personal notes for each member
  8. /who in grid (its not useful in wildstar because shows only 50 ppl (i believe just 50 last logged in ppl)  )
  9. /vis name If you have player in your neighbor list it will visit him but if you don't have him, addon will try to find his public home in random houses list.
  10. mini window

  11. Can set default Home so you will always port there instead of your house (In Settings)

    ( useful for alts)  can return to your real home with right click on return button n neighbor tab even if you have default home in settings
  12. See common social groups (circle/guild/neighbors/friends) with players  (Icon near their name)

  13. Scanner mode (disabled by default) will scan all the players around you. its preety heavy on your pc so if you don't want to lose 0-3 fps or in some raid/bg/arena, just disable it in settings and enable when you stand afk in thayd;p at least that was my thought

  14. Can see guild roster location.
    Other players don't need to have VS.

    How it works:
    You open guild tab and with /who help VS knows location of 50 online players of your guild.
    If you have more then 50 players online, you still can try to load untracked players location info, by clicking on their row in grid.
    Loading individual players location works in circles too.
    But you can load only 1 person every 3-5 secs. (This limitation comes from how often you can use /who)

    Probably there is a better way to implement this. Still looking for the best design solution for this feature.

PS can make it possible to change MotD for Arena teams, but it will just show error for users without my addon because of the bug in default wildstar addon. It assumes, that every guild will have its own channel, so no MotD for arena teams

Future plans:

??? - Make your suggestions in the comment section.

  1. Count Friends, Neighbors online 

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