Personal and Raid Death Reporting

Just install with the curse client and then when you die, the What? window will be populated with the latest 20 (depending on what you set the slider to) incoming attacks.


  • Raid Leader Mode: enable this option and you will not only see what killed you, you will also see the other players that are in the same Channel as you (have the raid/party set the same channel value)

  • Displays n amount of recent incoming attacks (20 by default)

  • Keeps Track of incoming healing from passive self heals to other players heals.

  • If the option to Broadcast is set, WhatHappened will inform your party that you died, and to what for x amount of dmg and the type of damage
  • Nice neat window automatically attached to the ChatLog

  • Color Settings: change the color of the Ability, Healing, Attacker, and Dmg

Known Issues:

1.) total dmg not adding up to max health or way over. - this on is interesting, will need further testing.(looking into this now)

Recommended Addons

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SpaceStash - Amazing inventory / bank replacement

Special Thanks

to Sinaloit and all the other ppl in the IRC channel for all the help !

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