WildStar Instant Messenger

WildStar Instant Messenger



Please send me a message if you wish to take it over.

Normally all of your conversations happen in one single chat window. With it set up this way it can be very hard to carry on multiple conversations, and sometimes you can even miss when someone says something. With WildStar Instant Messenger every conversation is in its own window. When you whisper someone or when someone whispers you a window pops up with the conversation. Never miss a conversation again!

Type /wsim to open options

Fixed chat history bug. If you still get an error, click the reset history button in the options and reload.


-URL detection picks up "http://" and "https://".
-Removed Node Click debug text.
-Fixed bug when dead in combat.
-Messages don't pop up in combat if the option is checked.


Chat Window

  • Quick "Add to Group" button
  • Quick "Add as Freind" button
  • Receiver's name at top
  • Large scrolling window for messages
  • Input box for typing
  • Emoticons
  • Changeable text colors
  • Optional timestamp
  • Hides and reappears on combat
  • Re-sizeable  window
  • Minimal Style option
  • Tabbed windows which can be attached to other windows
  • Many other options!

Message Preview

Conversation Button

  • Lights up when you have a new message
  • Movable and lockable button
  • When clicked shows a list of conversation windows
  • Able to dismiss conversations
  • Can see new messages on each conversation
  • Message Preview shows you a message when it is recieved
  • Right click to access options
  • Shift + click to show all windows with new messages

Channel Colors

  • Change incoming and outgoing text colors
  • Change Chat History text color

To Do

  • Autogroup whispers
  • Roleplay text (if needed)
  • GM chat