HawgPedia 2.0 Scouting Spotlight

HawgPedia 2.0 Scouting Spotlight


HawgPedia 2.0 is a Tool that will give you World Of Tanks  Information , Hint's ,Tricks ,Photos , Links and much much more . All this information is to help you to be the best Tanker that you can be. Every few weeks you will be able to download a new  " Spotlight " . The spotlight will focus on 1 or 2 areas of play in World of Tanks. In the download there will be tons of information from all over the web that is condense into simple files to read & use ,also a mod from Hawg's libary will that corresponds with the spotlight. 

                                                             # 6 Scouting Spotlight" 

Tons Of Information On scout Tanks .



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Video    re

#1  ( Sacred Valley ) 3 Secret Hidden Locations  !


#2  (Mountain Pass)  Secret spots!


#3 (  Lakeville ) Secret spots!


#4  SECRET POSITIONS   5 World of Tanks MAPS     


#5 Dirty Little Tricks!


#6  5 Tips to become a better player


#7 How to Angle and Sidecrape a Tank     


#8 Hull Down


LINKS     pasc

#1 Use the hills for cover 


#2 World of Tanks Veteran Tricks and Tips


#3 Angle your armor    


#4  Tank Tatics Guide


#5 Top 5 Mistakes Players Make


#6  Map Strategy  


#7 Clan War Strategy


#8 WOT Equipment Guide


#9 WOT Lag Prevention  Maintenance       


#10  Weak Spots Guides


#11 How To Go Hull Down


General Tips     poolPart 1

#1 Always keep your Rental Tanks    

You can store your extra crewman in the rental tanks so when your barracks are full they have a place to go until needed.


#3  Don’t rage out.

Raging at your team or at the game is not gonna change anything it might in fact make your team give up just to blame you.

#4 Always Assume the enemy arty can see you and hates your guts.

#5 Minimap awareness  -- glance at minimap after every shot.

#6  Learn patience.

#7 Never block someone from backing up.

This means giving people space. It doesn't matter what tank you're in and what tank they are in if they got to that spot first then you don't have a claim on it. He might need to back up to save his bacon, give him the room to do so PLEASE.

#8 Kill or Cap is all the same

There is no super secret mega special bonus for killing all tanks or winning by capping. Only a tiny one for wiping out all tanks but this one is too small to worry about and not worth the extra risk and time. There is only individual XP for killing or capping but it all evens out in the end. The swift win is always, Always, ALWAYS preferable to the risky, drawn out hunt.

#9 Focus your fire.  

Don't spread your fire out. Five tanks at 20% will do five times the damage that one tank at 100% will do. If four tanks are fighting four tanks, the team that focuses their fire on the same target before moving to the next will always win.

#10 Know your tank.

Don't try to hold a flank in a paper armored vehicle. Don't try to rush in a slow vehicle. Don't try to scout in a big-ass vehicle without camo. Don't sit and snipe with an inaccurate gun. Know where your tank sits in the 'holy triumvirate' of mobility, armor and firepower. Play according to your tank's strengths, while guarding for it's weaknesses. You've got a lot of armor? Spearhead the assault. You're tiny but fast? Run interference and scout. You're highly accurate with good pen, but low armor? Sit back and support. Know what guns your armor can deflect and what armor your gun can defeat.

#11 Don't be the easy target.

If you sit in the open..... you die

#12  Just because someone has 0 kills doesn't mean that they are useless.

Someone who knocks 99% health off of 15 tanks will have 0 kills but is far, far from useless. Kills matter but damage done matters just as much.

#13  It's a game.

Way too many people forget about this simple but oh-so-important rule. World of Tanks is a GAME. It's not serious business. It's internet tanks. The price of gas won't go up when you have a bad match. Your girlfriend won't leave you if you die early on with 0 kills.  It's a game, nothing more.

#14 Don't all commit to the same side of the map.

You have a minimap for a reason. If you're in a group of 12 tanks heading to the east side of the map, it might be a good idea to stop, turn around and go west instead. ( Reference # 5 )

#15 Shoot the red tanks.              

The green ones aren't ripe yet  

General Tips     pool Part  2

#1 Train Your Crew

Obviously this is a given, but for a lot of intermediate tankers it can be a daunting process. Training crew requires a huge amount of investment as each skill requires exponentially more experience to train.

The main element to training crew that will help you get better at World of Tanks is knowing what skills to train first. If you begin training a “bad” skill first, you’re only making it more difficult on yourself in the long run.

#2  Hug cover like a lover.

This may seem obvious but it can’t be overstated especially in regards to buildings and walls. If you’re not charging the enemy outright it’s far better to nudge in and out of the cover of a building corner as you fire and reload.

#3  GLHN

Gaming already has enough jerks who will call you a ‘ noob’ – don’t add to this odious population. 

#4  Keep Calm

Keep calm. Losing your cool in a video game is the quickest way to go on tilt and lose control. When you’re angry, you’re not thinking clearly and you can very quickly make poor decisions.

#5 Go Hull Down

One of the best ways to bounce shells in World of Tanks is to simply enter a hull down position.


Thanks to these web sites , for the information provided by: 

youtube.com wotguru.com

en.wottactic.com worldoftanks.com

guidescroll.com tankwarroom.com


 If you have a hint or trick please post it in comments than I will add it to page   

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