Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Mav's Ultra Fog Remover



No changes required for, simply move the wotmod file to the new version folder.

Update 1.0.0

For the big grand release of 1.0.0 I have decided to release two versions of the mod. A basic version, which only removes the fog, and the standard Ultra version that turns off all the unnecessary shinies for a little extra FPS boost.

Fog Remover Lite -->
Ultra Fog Remover -->

NOW AVAILABLE - Mav's Contour Icons!

Found here: Mav's Contour Icons for XVM - XVM not included

Mav's Clan Message Center - Rereleased for 1.1.0!

Mav's Clan Message Center has been re-released for

Well WG finally broke it. Unfortunately I haven't had time until now to hunt down and fix which line of code they broke, but I finally did and now it's fixed. Hopefully they won't break it again.

However I haven't tested it for compatibility with the various different script loaders used by mods nowadays. It works great with the ones used by the mods in my pack, that may not hold true for them all tho. If you're having issues, try deleting the cameranode.pyc and/or __init__.pyc that I included and using just the one used by your mods. If your script mods locate __init__.pyc in a different folder, try locating the main mod files in that folder instead. Again, I haven't tested this mod against the various different scriptloaders, however these steps have helped me resolve errors between other script mods I use. 

Found here: Mav's Clan Message Center