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Do you find yourself completing old content just so that you can get literally everything for your Collections? Say no more! ALL THE THINGS will help you with your endeavor by giving you the ability to track your completion for everything.


  • Supports tracking of Appearances, Illusions, Mounts, Pets, Toys, Music Rolls, and Titles.
  • Primary Collections Window is moveable and resizeable.
  • Auto Minilist
  • Datatext Support
  • Multiple Database modules to keep the addon from having to access Blizzard API.
  • Filters to allow you to customize the addon to your preferences.
  • Extra tooltip information (Models, Icons, Descriptions, etc).
  • Fanfare music when you learn anything new.

Why do I need this addon

  • Ability to see what items you are missing from your collection in a more presentable means than Blizzard's UI.
  • The UI has information on quests, vendors, rares, dungeons and raids, world events, and more.

Problem? Suggestion?

If you just updated and are getting tons of errors please completely close your game and then reopen it. Updating addons while the game is running can cause problems!

Author: Crieve (DFortun81 on GitHub)

Contributors: (in no particular order) Daktar, Lucetia, Slumber, Gold, Avella, Aiue, Dead Serious, Oiche, Oxlotus, Eiltherune, Blueyleader, Iyanden, Pr3vention, BigBlaris, Talonzor, Mogwai, Heallie, Eckhardt, Boohyaka, Sadidorf, Sanctuari, Molkree, Runawaynow, Braghe, Myrhial, Darkal, Tag, and the rest of the ALL THE THINGS Discord!

Special Thanks

AmiYuy - Has helped many times with different aspects of the addon.
Sweetlie - Helped with models for addon.
Gello - Helped us to get NPC localization.
Breanni - Allowing us to use notes from WarcraftPets website.
DeadSerious - Winner of our Logo Contest, Primary Artist for all Branding for ATT & Crieve's Twitch channel. BigBlaris - Verifying drops, testing.
Kawna - Does artwork to help out with the project.
Nightswifty - Added ATT information to a wowhead guide.

We would also like to thank the contributors for the work they do and the users who have submitted suggestions and bugs in discord or on forums we have threads on.

Recommended Addons

  • Can I Mog It? -- Great addon that adds tooltip info for appearances and overlays for vendors, bags, etc.
  • Rematch -- The best pet journal replacement there is. Many many features.
  • LastSeen -- Addon that helps track the last time you saw an item. (this is helpful for collectors that have collector friends... Or a Discord. :D)

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