BigWigs Boss Mods (BW) - DBM alternative

BigWigs Boss Mods (BW) - DBM alternative


Auto logging isn't working on raid bosses

Odjur opened this issue ยท 0 comments


Describe the problem

Raid boss log data is not being written to the log. It seems to be logging M+.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Enable auto logging.
  2. Raid leader uses /pull 10.
  3. Nothing happens.

What version of BigWigs are you using? (Stating 'latest' is not useful)


Do you have an error log of what happened?

No errors.

Any additional information? (example: WoW language if not English)

Advanced logging is on, and there are no other auto log addons installed, though I have used MRT which correctly logs raid bosses.