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BigWigs Boss Mods (BW) - DBM alternative


Big Wigs - Dialogue issue in game

lsulli24 opened this issue ยท 2 comments


Describe the problem

when i have bigwigs enabled i cannot hear any dialogue in a dungeon of any level, and outside of a dungeon dialogue, cinematic dialogue, world quest dialogue. I realized it was bigwigs through trial and error, as soon as i disabled it i could hear the dialogue again. i went through the settings for two days and couldnt find anything applicable to my issue. i enabled it again after wiping my folders in WTF and interface folders and still had the problem with big wigs.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. dungeons
  2. world quests
  3. cinematics

Consider attaching a screenshot below to help describe your issue (Attach directly, do not link to other websites)

unavailable as issue is having to deal with NPC talking - i can see subtitles just cant hear voices.

What version of BigWigs are you using? (Stating 'latest' is not useful)


Do you have an error log of what happened?

no i dont, it just doesnt play any dialogue whatsoever

Any additional information? (example: WoW language if not English)


You say "trial and error" and yet don't mention what you did? The only real thing you can do here is disable everything other than BigWigs, which I assume you didn't try since BigWigs doesn't include this as a feature.

We've had reports the addon "World Quest Tracker" is causing this so I'd look into if you have that installed.


trial and error was disabling all then enabling one at a time. WHY I SAID TRIAL AND ERROR. when i disabled all my addons it came back, when enabled ONLY BIG WIGS it was gone again. so do with that what you will. i also dont use world quest tracker. just big wigs, a few WAs, elvui and plater.