Caerdon Wardrobe

Caerdon Wardrobe


Caerdon Wardrobe

Let Caerdon Wardrobe help you get your transmog closet overflowing with style ... you fabulous thing, you! You'll gain the following:

  • New! Quest rewards in dialog and quest log now show items you can learn!
  • New! Added support for Zygor World Quest Planner
  • New! Added support for built-in World Map
  • Fixed! Found some cases where items were incorrectly flagged as transmoggable when you already knew them on another class.
  • Highlight any openable containers
  • Show unlearned pets, mounts, and toys!
  • Show BOE / BOA on bank / bag / merchant items
  • Show assigned gear set on bank / bag items
  • Add indicators showing unlearned pets, mounts, toys, and wardrobe appearances to the following:
    • Bank
    • Bag
    • Guild Bank (no pet support at present)
    • Auctions
    • Merchants
    • Adventure Guide's Dungeon and Raid Journal
    • Loot pickup
    • Group loot rolls
    • Options Panel to turn on / off all of these features and reposition the icon / text
    • Completionist option that will flag unlearned items for appearances you already know
      • One reason to learn multiple items with the same appearance is that items still have level restrictions enforced, and a different item may require a lower level for your other toons
  • Provides separate indicators for items specific to your class vs. something you'd need to send to and / or learn on an alt.
  • Show bag icon for items that you have learned for transmog that don't have an on-use or on-equip effect (sell those things!)
  • Show hourglass icon for items that are still refundable

Caerdon Wardrobe adds functionality to the following bag add-ons:

  • AdiBags
  • ArkInventory
  • Bagnon
  • Baud Bag
  • cargBags_Nivaya (manual change needed in TOC until author fixes)
  • Combuctor
  • ElvUI
  • Inventorian
  • LiteBag

Caerdon Wardrobe adds functionality to the following quest add-ons:

Note for those that have been using Caerdon Wardrobe for some time:  The extra add-ons to support functionality for your chosen bag add-on are no longer required.  I've baked it all into Caerdon Wardrobe, so you can delete those at your leisure (things should still work whether or not you do).

How the icons work:

Stars - You don't know this appearance yet, and your current toon can equip it and learn it.

Question Mark - You don't know this appearance yet, but your current toon cannot learn it. You'll have to send the item to the correct class to learn it.

Bag - This item has been learned and is in your wardrobe. It also doesn't have any on-use or on-equip effects, so you're free to sell it!

Hourglass - This item is still refundable, so you can't sell it, or the learned appearance will be removed.  Wait for the bag icon to appear.

If you're seeing Stars or Question Marks in any other case, it's either a defect, or it's possible that Blizzard missed an appearance in which case you should search for it in the Transmog Collection.

As with all Caerdon add-ons, this assumes and builds on top of the existing Blizzard functionality. If you're replacing the bag, bank, merchant, or auction house views with another add-on, you may not receive the full functionality of this add-on unless a Caerdon integration has been provided.

Caerdon add-ons prefer simplicity over customization. I try for sane defaults but with all the custom bag add-ons, this proved difficult, so Caerdon Wardrobe has a full set of customizable options to turn things on / off and move 'em around.