Destruction For Dummies

Destruction For Dummies


Executive Summary

Note: this addon is provided for people who find it useful; I am no longer interested in making it work for every possible build.  I have been keeping it working for my own use and I'm publishing it for anyone who plays similar toons and would like to use it.  But I'm unlikely to add support for a build unless I (or one of my friends) want it.  I have a section below detailing how you can add support on your own.

Install this mod; when a suggestion frame shows up in the middle of your screen (when you are out of combat) move it to where you want it. When the frame shows you a picture, cast the spell that picture represents. If nothing ever shows up, your current class/build is not supported.

That's all you have to know. Have fun, I hope you like it.


This addon will display the recommended spell for you to cast (in or out of combat). It keeps track of what buffs/debuffs you have up, what your cooldowns are, and what your energy/rage/mana/runic power is, and tells you the best option. Out of combat, it will remind you to put up buffs (usually before they entirely expire). It is aimed at max level toons, so recommendations below that will likely be suboptimal. In particular, at very low levels it will frequently not recommend anything at all; below level 10 it is guaranteed to do nothing.

You can resize the suggestion frame from the configuration panel (reached via the /dfd command). You can set it to display dummy suggestions when it's unlocked, so you can see where it is to move it around and scale it.

This mod only handles single-target DPS

The Rotations Implemented

These rotations actually have a lot of thought behind them, just not by me - they are all taken from Note that I did have to add things to all these rotations, as they don't take some important real-world needs into account (eg., when should a hunter cast Mend Pet during a fight? Even though it's not in the rotation, clearly letting your pet die isn't going to be the right call to up your DPS).

If you want changes to the rotation, please convince the people at to change the rotation (or just point out that I'm deviating from it). I don't know enough about all the specs to decide to deviate from what they recommend.

Some tanking builds are supported, but they simply follow the Icy Veins' tanking rotation. They do not include self-healing, avoidance, or many other things you will need to do to tank effectively. But I find them useful.

Currently the following builds are supported:

  • Demon Hunter: Havoc (no idea if this works well)
  • Druid: Feral, Guardian, Balance (Feral and Guardian should be solid, no idea on Balance)
  • Hunter: Beastmaster
  • Paladin: Protection, Retribution (Retribution should be fairly solid)
  • Priest: Shadow
  • Rogue: Outlaw (no idea if this works well)
  • Warlock: Affliction (pretty basic support--no soul shard or deathbolt optimization in place)

Adding Rotations on Your Own

This addon is not written in LUA, it is written in a language I designed to make it easy to define the rotations.  All the source files needed for this language are included in the addon directory.  Under the dddl directory is the compiler that compiles into LUA, under src/ is the source code for the rotations.  If you mount this on a Unix system, running make will make everything.

You can add (or change) things to your heart's content, recompile, and have your customized rotation available for you